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I'm a hobbiest developer which attempts to make stuff no one else did before. Check my projects, you might find something useful!

About Me

I am Alonso Aliaga and I like trying new stuff. I started as a minecraft player and after being a minecraft player for some years I learned to code to be able to help a friend with his server.

I never thought I would be doing the same thing for so many years; but honestly, I can't argue. I love what I do! But what do I do?

I am not a professional developer by any means, nor I'm an engineer student.
I am just a health student who likes coding. I know, it's weird..

Wanna see some of my work?

Check my plugins Nothing else is public for now :(

Why Me or my products?


What can our products do for YOU?


  • 01 Do you have a minecraft server/network?

    Our plugins are, in most of the cases, unique. You won't find similar plugins on spigotmc. We are pretty sure at least one of our plugins might be the one you have been looking for!

  • Don't worry! You can still check our plugins and suggest the ones you loved to the owners of your favorite server so they can to use it in your favorite gamemode and you can enjoy it with your friends!

  • Nothing better than having a plugin that fit your exact needs right, don't you think so? Watch our tutorials to learn how to make your own custom plugins!
    Channel language is spanish as it's my native language and there are already many english channels for that.


What languages am I used to?

During all this time I've been into development I could learn some languages (libraries).

Spigot/Paper/Bungeecord 100%
Discord.js/JDA 90%
Photoshop 80%
YouTube Content Creator 80%

* 100% doesn't mean I'm a master using it. It means it's the most I'm experienced with!



Plugin Development

Custom plugins to fit your server needs!

Discord Bot Development

Discord Bots with custom behaviors!


???????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????

YouTube Content Creation

I upload coding tutorials for everyone to learn how to code!

Ready To Improve Your Server?

Ready to give your players what they want?

Our Plugins


  • All
  • Alonso Series
  • Better Series
  • Others


The free chat alternative for your server.


Join message & quit message! Announce your players and staff members correctly.


Run, get to loot and kill the Beast!


Reward your players for being good players.


Give your players a second chance to live.

AlonsoTags / AlonsoTagsPro

A highly customizable tag plugin for your network.

AlonsoLevels / AlonsoLevelsPro

A highly customizable level system for your network that actually works.

BetterBackpacks / BetterBackpacksPro

Backpacks with custom textures and unique features, skins and upgrades!


Create a ranking system for your players.


A highly customizable level system for your network that actually works.


Make your players walk to hatch mystery eggs.


Give your players/builders access to amazing heads for a price.

AlonsoLevels / AlonsoLevelsPro

Highly customizable leaderboards plugin for your server.


Customizable and nice-looking FFA for your server.


Balls with custom texture to take your pets everywhere.


Enhance experience with bees in your server.


A highly customizable captcha system for your server.


Convert money to items you can store and viceversa! (RPG friendly)


Pets living in your inventory ready to help you!


An amazing way to display players profiles to others.


Create talismans with boosts for your players.


Let your donors "thank" your staff members.


Our team is made up of only one member.

Alonso Aliaga

Chief Executive Officer
Main Developer
Graphic Designer
Post Redactor

I know more about minecraft than my career.


Some people I've known during the last years which I consider good friends.


Minecraft Server Owner

"Join my server on"


The "gay" of the group

"I can't promise anything".


Bug Creator


* I'm not related to their activities or problems, we only have fun together.


Need custom plugins? Check our prices!

We are not doing comissions for now. Stay tune for updates!

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Developer Plan

$29.99per month

  • 1 custom coded basic plugin
  • Features:
  •   🔘 Up to 2 command
  •   🔘 Up to 2 events
  •   🔘 On/off mechanics
  •   🔘 Give items
  •   🔘 Database support
  •   🔘 Inventory system (basic)
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  • Meet and greet with Duki
  • Access to Onlyfans
  • Eat a chocolate cake with Alonso
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* Prices are relative and might change depending on requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find here the most frequently asked questions by users.

  • Can I use your plugins in my setups?

    Yes, you are free to use our plugins in your setups, you can share config files. However, we don't allow sharing our .jar files inside.
    This is because of several good reasons, some of them will be listed below:

    1) Shared .jar files might be outdated.
    2) Files could potentially contain malicious code.
    3) Files could be infected by other plugins.
    4) According to the terms of use, you are not allowed to redistribute the plugin in any form, including as a part of any software package.

    If you downloaded the jar from a site different than, redownload the plugin again from original sources.
    We can't offer support to people using our plugins downloaded from 3rd-party sources. This is for security!

  • Sorry, but you don't have my permission to do that. I don't allow "sharing" my plugin/content/posts in other site, even if you redirect visits to original post on spigotmc.

    💠 Why not?
    Answer is simple. I am the graphic designer of my posts, main (and the only one) developer, I also write the posts (every single word).
    So why then? Well, first of all, I want to have full control of all data/information shared about my resources.
    That means I want to be the only person that officially writes about my resources, which allows me to keep the data updated!
    Second of all, this is my work, days of coding, hours of designing the images and writing the posts. I want to take full credit of it.
    Please, do not insist, I won't change my mind. Thanks.

  • Sorry, I'm the only developer. Maintaining more than one language would be hard and I'm not willing to work with translators, at least not for now.
    The only official language that will always be supported is and will always be english as it's a global language.

    You can check the wiki of the plugin you want to see if a translated version of the config files was uploaded, however, we don't ensure they are properly translated as we only support english officially.

    If you translated a plugin to your native language, you can contribute by sending the files you translated in a Pastebin so we can easily access the content. Make sure you allow others to read the content and it's not set as private only!

    ⚡ When translating, make sure you only edit messages and don't delete options or sections if you plan to send the files to us. If you are translating it for your own server, do not delete options/sections unless it's explicit stated that you can do that in comments.

  • Well, plugins will always have the BETA tag. There is no logic explanation for this, I just liked the word and after releasing some plugins I decided to keep the word BETA in plugins versions for ever.

    That doesn't mean plugins have bugs or errors, all of them are tested and should be working fine.

    If you have any bug or error make sure you report it on Github or in our Discord server.

  • Sure, join my discord server and let me know. I'll evaluate the suggestion and decide if I wanna code it or not.
    Making a suggestion doesn't mean it will be made.

  • If you want to support my work consider purchasing my premium plugins or donating on PayPal!

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